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Oh Vey, Goyim!!!

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Shalom!!!! Ma nish ma?? <3 <3 <3 I'm an Iranian student in the US and I'm learning Hebrew as an avocation.

I'd like to learn more Hebrew and learn about Israeli society and in general make friends from around the world. Do any of you Israeli posters want to be friends through skype, email, or even mail? My English is good and obviously so is my Farsi, so we can do a kinda mutual learning thing, me learning hebrew from you and teaching english to you or farsi.

I'm familiar with imageboard culture so I know this might be weird to ask over ilchan but I don't necessarily think so… behind every anon is a human being with identities, hopes, dreams, and pasts…some of the best friends I've made are through websites like this and online gaming.

ID: 668cf  No.2625

pls respond

ID: ba5bb  No.2641

I don't think this board is populated enough for you to find anybody for that purpose. Try going to an Israeli forum instead.

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ID: 94aea  No.2660

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Ahmadinejad is persian jew converted to shia islam. Ask him.

ID: dacbe  No.2673

kind of same

ID: b72a2  No.2676

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wassap homie

Wanna be penpals

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