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Oh Vey, Goyim!!!

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You sons of a whore! NO CP! PEDO FUCK!

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>The use of the metaphorical phrase "melting pot" to describe American absorption of immigrants was popularised by Zangwill's play "The Melting Pot"
>Melting Pot celebrated America's capacity to absorb and grow from the contributions of its immigrants.

>He advanced the ideal that cultural diversity and national pride were compatible with each other and that ethnic and racial diversity strengthened America. His critics pointed out his disingenuousness since, as a Jewish intellectual and member of the Zionist Organization of America, his vision of multicultural America was quite the opposite of his vision of the Jewish state of Israel as a totally Jewish nation.

>Jewish organizations repeat the familiar mantras and continue with their uncritical "celebration" of diversity. (Diversity meaning, of course, diversity of race and ethnicity but not opinion.)
>Jewish economic influence and power "are" disproportionately concentrated in Hollywood, television, and in the news industry
>we continue to mouth the traditional policy line affirming generous - really, unlimited - immigration and open borders
>our disproportionate political power (pound for pound the greatest of any ethnic/cultural group in America)

You need diversity, goyim.
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lol funny

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At least one Sefer Torah should be placed on the Tebah (Bimah), during the Haqqafoth on Simhath Torah, as well as the Haqqafoth that are held at the conclusion of the Festival (Haqqafoth Shenioth). A G-d fearing man should hold it throughout the Haqqafoth. The custom of Rabbenu the Ari, z"l, was to circle the Tebah while holding a Sefer Torah.

Some congregations take the Sifrei Torah out to the street. This is permitted, since it is for the honor of the Torah. However, there must be a Minyan (quorum) of ten men present with it, in order to do this. The congregation must stand during the Haqqafoth. Sometimes this may take several hours, with the singing and dancing, and those who are elderly, unwell, and so on, are unable to remain standing for such a long period of time. In this case they should only stand during the actual Haqqafoth, and sit the rest of the time.

Clapping is permitted for the honor of the Torah, when rejoicing on Simhath Torah. This is true even when Simhath Torah falls on Shabbath (which it can do in the Land of Israel, and for the Haqqafoth done on Shemini 'Asereth in the Diaspora). It is, however, forbidden to play any musical instrument (other than during the Haqqafoth Shenioth, which are held after the Festival is over).

(See Ben Ish Hai, 1st year, Wezoth Habberakha, 18, 35. Dibrei Mordekhai [Eliyahu], Hagim, 55:26, 27, 29, 31)
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We mentioned that Mattanoth LaEbyonim may not be take from one's Ma'aser that one must set aside, every year, for charity. In fact, neither may the Mahasith HaSheqel be taken from one's Ma'aser. If someone made a Neder (vow) to give money to a poor person, but now finds himself in a difficult financial situation, he may not give that money as Mattanoth laebyonim instead.

His Neder still stands and he must give the amount he promised to the poor person. This does not absolve him of his obligation of giving Mattanoth Laebyonim, which is a separate requirement.

Mattanoth LaEbyonim may be given to a poor person of any age. One fulfills one's obligation even if one gives to a minor. This is not the case with Mishlowah Manoth. It says about Mislowah Manoth in Meghillath Esther, "Ish LeRe'ehu" (a man to his friend). From this we learn that Mishlowah Manoth must be given to adults.

(See Kaf Hahayyim, 694, Oth 12, 13)

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There are differences of opinion as to who, exactly, is obligated to give Mahasith HaSheqel (the half Sheqel). The Rama, z"l, follows the opinion that only those 20 and above are obligated to give. Others, however, are of the opinion that it applies to boys over the age of 13.

As to whether or not women are also obligated to give, is also a matter of some disagreement. There are those who hold that women are exempt whereas others hold that they are obligated. In any case, the general consensus is that women should also give towards the Mahasith HaSheqel.

There is also a difference of opinion as to whether very young children should be included in the giving of the Mahasith HaSheqel. Since there are those who are of the opinion that they should, it is better to include them, if a person is able to. Since it says that it is an atonement for ones soul (Lekhapper 'Al Nafshothekhem), it is good to include them also. Once a father starts giving on behalf of a child, he should continue every year.

(See Rama, 694:1. See Mishnah Berurah, 694:5. Kaf Hahayyim 694, Oth 27, 28)

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Of all the holy written items, such as Sefer Torah and Tefillin, a Meghillah has the most leniencies, and that is why a Sofer Sta"m (scribe), first writes a Meghillah before moving on to other holy items. However, there are rules that need to be followed for it to be considered Kasher.

It must be written with ink on parchment (גויל or קלף), like a Sefer Torah. It also requires Sirtoot (lines scored into the parchment). It cannot be written on paper and the one who writes it must fear G-d. If it is written by one who denies G-d, it is Pasul (ritually invalid). When copying from another Meghillah, the one writing must say each word before writing, just like a Sefer Torah. After the fact, we do not consider a Meghillah invalid, if it contains extra letters or is missing some.

The portion of the 10 sons of Haman is written differently to the rest of the Meghillah. The name of each son is written on the right hand side and the word "We-eth" (ואת) is written on the left, with empty space between them. Not doing so renders the Meghillah Pasul (invalid).

(See Shulhan 'Arukh, with Rama, 691:1-3)

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On the day of Purim, it is important to have a special Se'uddah (festive meal). In fact, one is exempt from going to the Beth Midrash, because one is occupied with the preparations for the meal. Having said that, it is good to study some words of Torah before starting the meal. This is based on the Pasuq, "Layhudim Haytha Orah WeSimha" (the Jews had light and happiness). Orah (light) is the Torah.

Fasting is not permitted on Purim. The exception is if one had a dream and feels the need to fast over it. In this case one must end the fast after Minha. If one fasts, one must fast again after Purim. However, it is preferable not to fast but to redeem the fast with money.

It is preferable to eat the meal with bread. However, if one did not eat bread, one will still have fulfilled one's obligation.

(See Rama 695:2. Kaf Hahayyim 695:3)

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צַו אֶת אַהֲרֹן וְאֶת בָּנָיו לֵאמֹר "Command Aaron and his sons" (Wayyiqra, 6:2). Rashi mentions that the term צַו (command), implies that it requires Zerizuth (urging and without delay). This verse is speaking about the 'Olah sacrifice. The Torah does not mention any specific sin that it atones for.

Quoting the words of the Hakhamim, Rashi tells us that that the 'Olah sacrifice comes to atone for positive commandments (Miswoth 'Aseh) that a man was supposed to do, but didn't. It also comes to atone for a sin that a man committed which could have been atoned for had he done a specific action, but didn't do it. An example of this would be if he left over some of the meat of the sacrifice till morning, which he is forbidden to do, the Torah tells us that he could have rectified it by burning it in fire.

Not doing an action that one is supposed to do is a form of laziness. That is why it needs to be rectified with Zerizuth. Had he been quick to do what he was supposed to do, he would not have had to bring the sacrifice. That is why the Kohanim were also commanded to perform the sacrifice with Zerizuth, so that the people would learn from them.

(See Abihem Shel Yisrael 'Al HaTorah, Parashath Saw, pages 29, 30)

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p.s.: не обижайтесь, я вас любя называю руснявыми, все мы граждане земли все одинаковы все вроде бы как равны)))
и игил запрещенная хуйня

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Greetings from Depreschan.
Come visit us, if you'd like.

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I'm depressed

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ептваю мать, опять сюда со своим говном припёрся, пиздуй на параши руснявые пиариться

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אחד הטובים ביותר TPS שיחקתי אי פעם, אני כבר משחק את זה ב 10 השנים האחרונות ואת המשחק הזה לא מזדקן. זה מדהים כל הדברים השונים שאתה יכול לעשות את מצבי משחק שונים אתה יכול לשחק. המשחק הזה באמת צריך הכרה יותר.

אתר אינטרנט: https://universegunz.net

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שיחקתי בזה בכיתה ז'
ואני חושב שגם לפני

טוב שלא הגזמת עם המשחק הזה

גם למה אתה ברזילאי?

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זה עדיין משחק נהדר, שווה לשחק.
באתי ללמוד כאן בברזיל.

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זיינת ברזיליות?

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איגור, אתה? אתה זוכר אותי? אני הכיתה שלך. זיהיתי אותך על ידי המילים והסכיזואידים שלך. אתה זוכר איך כל הכיתה השתין אותך לספל בכיתה ג ', על שן מתוקה? שתית יותר, ליקקה את שפתי וביקשתי תוספות. ואז בא אביך לקחת אותך משם, אותו שרת שאנס כלב על ורנדסקי וקיבל עונש מאסר על גניבת הגבינה המעובדת בחנות. הוא נכנס לכיתה, כולם התחילו לצחוק, ואתם חטפתם מתחת לבושה, ואחר כך אמרתם שאתם שונאים את חייכם כשוער, אבל בכיתה ט ', כשהלכתם לפשיטה על אוטפיד, הם נתנו לכם להיכנס למעגל, לאחר מכן הונחו שמונה תפרים על פי הטבעת. מה שלומך, איגוריאן?

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kek, wtf is that

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ואני אוהבת להיות מכוסה בחרא טרי ולא לאונן. כל יום אני הולך על האדמה עם שקית אשפה שחורה ואוסף את כל החרא שאני רואה לתוכו. על שתי שקיות מלא כל היום הולך. אבל כאשר, אחרי יום קשה, אני חוזר הביתה, הולך לאמבטיה, מדליק את המים החמים … ממממ, ומכניס לתוכו את האוצר שלי. ואונן, מדמיינת שאני נבלעת על ידי חרא אחד. באופן כללי, נראה לי כי poops יכול לחשוב, יש להם משפחות משלהם, ערים, רגשות, לא לשטוף אותם לשירותים, טוב יותר מחסה את עצמך, לדבר איתם, ללטף אותם …. אתמול, בחדר האמבטיה, היה לי חלום נפלא, כאילו צללתי לים, וזה הפך לחרא, דגים, אצות, מדוזה, כולם מחרא, אפילו מהשמים, אפילו מאללה!

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Is this like Kaycee's /int/?

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What is Kaycee's /int/?

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I like jews AMA

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Did you draw that yourself, Grzegorz?

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I was born in Russia, but I'm Jewish. She received Israeli citizenship to travel to other countries. Israel's fucked! I use your country for my own purposes

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давай в синагогу братан

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>давай в синагогу баран

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My name is Daniel, today I come to you to beg you for your hard earned money.

I understand you've seen threads like these a gazilion times, but there is no harm if you read my thread and hear me out.

I am shamefully and humbly asking for financial support. which I will pay back when I get the means to. I humbly ask the everyone to not treat me harshly and rather to listen to my plea and idiotic sob story first, and after all if you feel that my post is bad just ignore me, that's all it takes.

I live in a small town, everyone knows everyone else and I lost my job at a local establishment a few months back, I haven't been able to find a job locally since 99% of placements are already taken, I've tried to talk to locals about getting financial support but to no avail, I've asked the bank for a mini loan but to no avail, I've tried easy-loan companies and failed miserably. I manage personal expenses by doing small menial tasks (farm work, moving, warehouse hourly pay and other such shit). But rent is due on the 2nd of February, and I am 800e short which means I'll be selling my phone which will get me around 300ish if I'm lucky, and I need to magically come up with the 500e remaining. I have no idea how I'll get the remaining for rent, so I thought of trying the internet, I've already tried to bid on freelance websites like freelancer, upwork and elance but I fear that even if I did get awarded a project it would take too much time (even after completion) to get paid, and my landlord is not the kind of guy that would wait, I basically need to pay the guy by max the 4th of February. Or the 5th.

ID: ec488  No.3140

I can't fuck with this guy, I've already tried talking to him (twice) about extending my rent till next month and he gave me a solid and adamant "Can't do that, either you come up with the rent or make arrangements to be out by the 5th" By contract he has already given me my month's notice to find another place since he heard that I lost my job. That was a month ago, so after an hour of negotiation with him he finally agreed to let me take the flat till March, on the condition that I come up with money.

So as you can probably imagine, I am royally and utterly fucked. I've tried to seek out help from friends and family but nobody here has that kind of money to throw around, tops I got was my best friend who gave me 100 and told me he'd want it back anyway on the 10th. So all in all I am asking the internet for support, if anyone is kind enough to throw money on a random idiot online please do so by sending it to my paypal at dandupontee@gmail.com

I swear to you this isn't a scam, I am not trying to con anyone, I am not trying to hurt anyone, nor am I trying to fuck with anyone,I am seriously naked and open here and asking for help. ranging from 1 euro all the way to the solid 800, anything that you can throw my way will incredibly help me and change my life. I will post this anywhere on the internet in the hopes that I get maximum exposure, if you want to help me please do so and I will do my best to pay you back when I do get a job and financial stability. If you guys wanna talk just write me a line on gmail or something. I don't know what to expect from this, but don't throw too much hate and shit my way because honestly I'm at rock bottom already. Last but not least, Please. I forgot to say please.

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